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Who is Atlantic?

Evolving out of a joinery manufacturing company established in 1989, we are anything but a typical architectural hardware distributor. Atlantic U K, from our inception in 2008, had a mission, a mission formed and held by our founder and owner, Adrian Ledgeway, to revolutionise the architectural hardware industry. We also constantly strive to be the most forward-thinking, innovative, customer-centric supplier in architectural hardware. How do we do this? We ask questions, we listen to feedback, we analyse, we act and we will always try to satisfy customers’ requirements. We believe in providing the complete range of quality products to allow consumers to show their taste throughout all the details of their architectural hardware. As the finish experts within the architectural ironmongery industry, we pride ourselves in colour matching any item of door furniture and accessory.

Our quality products are manufactured to the highest standards and will add that distinctive finishing touch to your project. Many of our designer door furniture products are designed and manufactured to our own specification, encompassed in seven stunning ranges, from the Vintage Old English to contemporary Forme Italian range. With more than 100 different designs and 30 beautiful finishes you will find something to compliment virtually any and every style of interior.

Here at Atlantic UK we truly believe the finish matters! Whether that be the finishing touch of the project, or the finish and texture of an item…for us, the finishing touch to a decor is a complete set of complementary matching products. Whether it is levers, hinges, latches, locks or even door stops…remember…the finish matters!
All of our Door Levers and Knobs come with a 10 year mechanical warranty (Subject to Terms & Conditions).

What Makes Us Unique

Atlantic’s mission is to be the ultimate finish experts in interior door hardware, defining style and creating desire. We specialise in offering a broad range of colour matching products which embrace currently trending finishes. We are creating
demand for people seeking distinctive, high-quality items which define their taste.

Our enthusiastic, flexible and dedicated team are passionate in providing the simple, honest, on-time quality service that sets Atlantic UK apart. Atlantic UK prides itself not only on its innovative and beautiful products and finishes but also on providing the highest level of fast, efficient and friendly service. We know our customers personally and they know us.
With our comprehensive network of dedicated merchants and retailers throughout the UK, you are never far away from our beautiful collections of the finest architectural hardware.

Atlantic UK’s Managing Director, Adrian Ledgeway, says: “Our extensive range of door levers and accessories in matching finishes allows home owners, designers and specifiers to perfectly finish projects, and with confidence, add the finishing touch.

With our long carpentry history and experience combined with product knowledge, we strive to deliver the highest quality products to meet today’s demanding requirements. We welcome any feedback or experience so that we can ensure this craftsman excellence is available for future generations.”

Our Values

COMMITMENT: Customer Commitment is at the core of what we are. We go the extra mile as a customer centric team. We are also committed to each other within the team creating a strong, positive and respectful culture. We lead and learn from each other. We are committed to be ultimate finish experts, defining style and creating desire.

INNOVATION: Constant improvement and innovation means we continually grow and develop to meet the needs of our clients, team-players and also the local community. We approach everyday with a willingness and desire to grow, learn and challenge ourselves.

INTEGRITY: Integrity, honesty, respect and trust are of paramount importance to us. When we say we will do something, we will do it.

PASSION: Passion and Creativity drives us to excel at everything that crosses our path. We believe in what we provide and the value it brings, whilst striving to do our best and discover just how good we can really be!

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