The below are available in Matt Black, White and Satin Chrome.

Touch Adjustable Magnetic Door Catch
Touch Magnetic Door Catch Bathroom Lock
Touch Magnetic Door Catch Euro Profile Sashlock


Silent closing – Provides a minimalist alternative to a roller catch by way of magnets.

Allows the door to be opened with just a push or pull.  Doesn’t require a lever to be turned.

Touch is the perfect solution for concealed sashes where the handle needs to be invisible or incredibly minimal.

Catch can be used on any door that needs no more security than a standard latch or roller catch and just requires to be held shut.

It’s the only item like it on the market to achieve the minimalist look and closing feature.  Similar options like roller catches or other magnetic versions are more obtrusive or not as concealed as the Touch.


Key Benefits for your customer:

  • Very strong so very capable of holding doors closed.
  • You don’t need a lever door handle. Only need a pull and hinges.
  • Uses the same cutout as the revolution and the Polaris.
  • Can blend in seamlessly into the doors, no visible fixings.
  • Flush to the door and wall, no projecting tongue or strike plate.
  • Adjustable catching force.