Ever wondered what the codes of Atlantic products mean or stand for?

Let me explain!

The code structure for all our products is pretty much the same throughout our ranges of door handles; it does vary slightly we come to accessories, but some of the same principles still apply.

Product Code structure for Door Levers or Door Handles

Each product code begins with a letter or two letters.  The letter or letters stands for the range that that product is part of.  For example, a product code beginning with ‘S’  means the product comes from the Status range.  A product code beginning with ‘OE’ would be the Old English range, or ‘SP’ would be our Senza Pari range.

After the initial letters, Atlantic product codes will then consist of 2 or 3 numbers.  These numbers indicate the model of the lever. Each model or design has a dedicated number.  For example the Forme Asti is model number 254, so the code would look like FMS254.  Status Montana has the number S40. Old English Warwick goes by OE178.

Following the numbers, the code will have a letter R or a letter S. This symbolises the shape of the rose of the lever. R represents a round rose lever and S marks out a square rose lever.  So for our examples above, Warwick would be OE178R, the Status Montana would be S40S.

For some ranges, the letter determining the shape of the rose is in a slightly different position within the code.  With Forme Codes, the R or S is positioned before the number within the code. Some products are also available in Round and Square so, Forme Asti could be FMR254 or FMS254.

The last letters of any lever product code will always represent the finish of the product.  Usually it will be two letters, which in the main will be the first letter of the finish words.

If you would like to spot products with a certain finish you can use the following key to find the correlating finish initials.

AB – Antique Brass

AC – Antique Copper

BN – Black Nickel

DS – Distressed Silver

MAB – Matt Antique Brass

MB – Matt Black

MBN – Matt Gun Metal

PB – Polished Brass

PC – Polished Chrome

PN – Polished Nickel

SB – Satin Brass

SC – Satin Chrome

SN – Satin Nickel

UB – Urban Bronze

UDB – Urban Dark Bronze

USC – Urban Satin Copper

Mortice Knob Code Structure

Our Mortice Knob code structure is slightly different to our door lever codes, to add more detail regarding the type of knob shape.  The first one or two letters are always the range initials – OE or MH (Old English or Millhouse Brass).  They are followed by 3 numbers (dedicated to each model) and then usually 3 letters (describing the shape of the mortice knob).  Finally, there will be the finish initials.

For example, MH400DMKSB, is a Millhouse Brass Edison mortice knob which is a Domed Mortice Knob in Satin Brass.  OE50RMKSC, is Old English Ripon which is a Reeded Mortice Knob in Satin Chrome.

Product Code structure for Accessories

With accessories, product codes follow a similar process but as all accessories codes include numbers from the size of the actual product, they vary in length and style very slightly.   All accessory codes begin with an ‘A’.

Following the A there will be a couple of letters then list of numbers.  What these letters and numbers are, will vary on what the product is.  For example our surface bolts have a size of 4inch, 6 inch or 8inch.  Their codes are ASB4 or ASB6 or ASB8 depending which size is required.  With our latches and deadbolts, the same principles follow.  Both are available in a number of sizes, so the numbers can be changed to the size – AL25, AL3, AL4.

Atlantic Locks all have an abbreviation of the type of lock name within the code.  ALKBATH25 is our 2.5″ bathroom locks.  The ‘ALK’ is the same starting initials for all our locks, then the next 4 letters signify what type of lock it is – BATH, DEAD, SASH.  For deadlocks and sash locks, there will be some further letters before the numbers which stands for the size; 3LK or E. The code 3LK stands for 3 Lever Key and E stands for Euro.  All locks come in 2.5″ or 3″ so there will then be 25 or 3 in the code to determine the size.

All accessories product codes then end with the same finish initials as our door levers.  These are always the last 2/3 letters within the code.

Are there exceptions to the rule?

Within our range of accessories, there are a couple of anomalies where this structure hasn’t been followed, but these are minimal.   For example, our 3″ x 2.5″ Ball Bearing hinges code is A2H32525(finish).  This product code was created before we created our product code structure, and was already well known so we felt it was best to leave it so rather than alter it to fit the structure.