A deadbolt is a type of lock that provides extra security and is commonly used in residential and commercial buildings. It consists of a bolt that extends into a door jamb or strike plate when the door is locked, making it more resistant to forced entry compared to a regular spring latch.

Deadbolts are typically installed on exterior doors, such as front doors, back doors, and side doors, to enhance the overall security of a building. They can be found in various styles and configurations, but the most common types include single cylinder deadbolts and double cylinder deadbolts.

– Single Cylinder Deadbolt: This type of deadbolt is operated with a key from the outside and a thumbturn from the inside. It is the most common form of deadbolt and is suitable for most residential applications.

– Double Cylinder Deadbolt: This type of deadbolt requires a key to lock or unlock the door from both the outside and the inside. It offers increased security but can also pose a potential hazard in emergency situations since a key is needed to exit the building.

When installing a deadbolt, it is important to ensure that it meets industry standards and that it is properly installed and aligned with the door frame. It is also recommended to use a deadbolt in conjunction with other security measures, such as sturdy doors, strike plates, and additional locks, for maximum protection where required.

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