Matt Antique Brass (MAB) has a dull or matte appearance. It lacks the shiny or reflective quality found in Polished Brass finishes. The surface is typically smooth but lacks a glossy sheen. The texture of Matt Antique Brass is usually smooth and lacks any pronounced texture or pattern. It reflects minimal light and has a more subdued, understated look. This finish is perfect for modernized barn conversions where style and taste is desired.

Antique Brass (AB) has rich brown hues and golden undertones that create a warm inviting appeal. It may have subtle variations in color and texture, mimicking the appearance of aged brass. While Antique Brass is not highly reflective, it generally has a moderate shine. It exhibits a softer, more muted reflection compared to highly polished brass finishes. This finish resembles the look of natural brass and is undeniably Victorian, with hints of Colonial Era style occasionally peeking through.