Polished Chrome (PC) is a highly reflective and shiny finish. It has a mirror-like surface that reflects light, giving it a bright and lustrous appearance. The polishing process involves buffing the chrome surface to a high sheen, resulting in a smooth and reflective finish. Polished Chrome is known for its sleek and elegant look, and it is often associated with a more formal or traditional aesthetic. Polished Chrome finds it inspiration in the Art Deco movement and the jazzy style of the roaring 20s but is able to seamlessly transition into the minimalist approach of the 1930s and 40s as well.

Satin Chrome (SC), on the other hand, has a more subdued and matte appearance compared to Polished Chrome. It is characterized by a soft, brushed finish that imparts a slightly grainy texture to the surface. Satin Chrome undergoes a different finishing process that creates a more muted shine and reduces the reflective qualities. It provides a smooth and consistent appearance but with less glare and reflection. Satin Chrome is commonly chosen for contemporary or modern designs, as it offers a more understated and subtle aesthetic. It is considered to be a highly amenable finish and is often used in commercial applications.