Polished Nickel (PN) has a highly reflective, shiny, and lustrous surface. It is known for its mirror-like finish that resembles Polished Chrome. The surface of Polished Nickel is smooth and glossy, reflecting light and creating a striking visual effect. Polished Nickel requires regular maintenance to retain its shine. It is susceptible to fingerprints, water spots, and visible scratches, and may need frequent cleaning and polishing to maintain its pristine appearance. Polished Nickel is inspired by the timeless sophistication of the Victorian Era.

Satin Nickel (SN) has a softer, matte finish compared to Polished Nickel. It has a subtle sheen but lacks the high reflectivity and mirror-like quality. The surface of Satin Nickel has a brushed or satin-like texture, which gives it a smooth but slightly duller appearance. Satin Nickel is generally easier to maintain than Polished Nickel. It is less prone to showing fingerprints and water spots and can hide minor scratches and blemishes more effectively. Its mid-century modern design roots mean it prefers to live among bold, geometric shapes and patterns, bright solid colors and edgy, unconventional furniture.